Call of Duty: Black Ops (COD 7)

This post is my personal thoughts of  Call of Duty: Black Ops (COD 7).

I purchased this game at time of release, despite the fact that during the midnight release of COD 7 my local Wal-Mart did not carry any PC versions of this game, so I had to wait till Tuesday to finally pick up this game. I been able to spend a couple of months on this game to get rid of that newness smell we all get when a game gets first released. This post is going to be broken up into two categories, where I will give my thoughts on both categories; these categories are: the Bad and then the Good of COD7. The images on this posting are in no particular order, these images are actual screen shots from my computer as I play COD 7. I should also mention that these images are in AMD’s multi-monitor gaming solution named, Eyefinity. For me to enable Eyefinity on COD 7 I had to download a “Hack” (lack of a better word) to be able to span this game across all three of my 1920 x 1080 monitors giving me a combined resolution of 5760 x 1080, this “Hack” can be located HERE.


The Bad


Single Player Gaming

The Single Player Gaming session I found to be rather lacking. Considering I shelled out 60 USD for this game, COD 7 was short lived, similar to COD 6 (Modern Warfare 2, MW2), COD 7 had an extremely short single player game (It took me roughly 7.5 hours to complete the single player campaign mode). I found the AI (Opposition) to be repetitive, as I moved from level to level I found no real major differences from the opposition they all moved and acted the exact same way. On some of the levels, the exact mission was somewhat blurred, and confusing on what was needed to be done. I even reloaded a couple of levels back to see if I could find out exactly what was needed to be done for me to complete that specific level, and I still could not find out what exactly it was I needed to do for that level I was stuck on. Since I could not find out what was needed to be done, I was stuck in a forever loop of endless opposition bots which led to two things, I ran out of bullets (Eventually restarting that level), or I ended up dieing countless times trying to figure out what was needed to be done. I ended up looking online for a guide to get me through some of these troubled areas.

image image

Multi-Player Mode

Not all gamers pay for a game to just play it in Single Player Campaign mode. A lot of gamers buy a game just for its multi-player options. COD 7 still limits us PC gamers seriously when it pertains to online gaming, and Infinity Ward treats us just like our Console counterparts, we PC users still do not have map making capabilities, we are stuck with the same maps over, and over, and over, the only difference with online gaming is we get different game types on the same levels (Just WOW, sarcasm at its finest). Map making is what makes one of the major differences between PC versions and console versions, we have the capability of making our maps from scratch because of our access to countless programs, while the console is well just a console (stripped down version of a PC in essence). Heaven for bid, if we PC users actually have something better then a console user.



Similar to COD 3, COD 7 did not give us gamers anything truly new graphically. Sure there were a few more explosions, a bit more shrapnel flying through the air but all in all I could not tell the difference from COD 3 and COD 7. This is not because of my hardware either, My computer is a Core i7 930 @ 4.3 GHz, six gigs of on board memory, sporting a AMD 6970 Direct X 11 video card. Normally when other game manufacturers come out with newer games they at least try and update the graphical portion of the game to something a bit more up to date. Inifinty Ward just kept re-hashing the same old game engine over and over. Another area that Infinity Ward refuses to support (hardware wise) is multi-monitor support, for reasons that completely escape me Infinity Ward flat out told us PC gamers they will not support any type of multi-monitor gaming. What I can dig up around the internet about this issue (As I am a multi-monitor gamer), Infinity Ward feels multi-monitor gaming is a form of “Cheating”. Multi-monitor gaming derives from hardware, meaning we PC users need to buy the proper hardware to fully support multi-monitor gaming, and can be rather expensive to implement; therefore, does not give us any real advantage or change our character to give us a serious advantage over our opponents. The only thing multi-monitor gaming gives us over a single monitor player is peripheral vision.


The Goods

image image

There only a few areas that I feel where COD 7 excels in, since there are only a few areas I will not be doing a category break down and just will list then in one paragraph.

One of the areas where COD 7 excels in is the way Inifinty Ward tells the story line, in this area the storyline of COD 7 is top notch including the acting. COD 7 has always provided us with a great storyline that rivals high cost movies. Another area that COD 7 does really well in is multi-player gaming, by offering different multi-gaming types will keep a gamer from getting bored from playing the same type of game over and over. I also like how Infinity Ward implemented the side switching portion of online gaming, at first this can be rather disorienting because if a team member (applies to both sides) gets inside of one another spawn area the game automatically switches the spawn areas to keep “Campers” at bay (This is a rather cool tactic if you got a good team and they know how to utilize this to their advantage). I will have to mention that COD 7 was not all that taxing on my computer system, even playing it at 5760×1080 resolution I still managed to keep a good frame rate of 85-95FPS (while the visuals are maxed out) during my game play of online and single player mode.


The Bottom Line

Call of Duty: Black Ops is nothing more then a distraction, the high cost, the mediocre single player game play, the repetitive AI as well as the same look and feel as previous Call of Duty series, to finally the non-ability of map making (PC users) really hurts this game title. If you need a game that will give you your “Quick Fix” and you have more money then brains COD 7 is right up your alley; however, if you are one of the many gamers out there on a budget, then COD 7 is not what you are looking for.

I give Call of Duty: Black Ops a overall score of 4, Below average and the:
Smoldering Award

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