The Asus ML248 LED monitor

We gamers are only good as the equipment we play our games on. Now I am not talking about what we play our games with (ie. PC’s, Consoles), I am more specifically talking about the one item we all need to use and this determines on how we physically view our games. Our monitors will either make us or break us in our times of carnage. The monitor is the most vital component in our gaming rigs, and if our monitors is not up to par guess what? We cant play your games properly, also if the monitor is not up to par there are serious side effects that can be directly linked to a bad monitor; these include headaches, and eyestrain. It is vitally important that we gamers use a monitor that reduces eyestrain, and eliminates headaches, we should be able to look at our monitors and adjust to it fairly quickly, so our eyes can relax as we play our games. If you are suffering from headaches and or eye straining problems, these conditions can relate to your monitor either not properly adjusted to you, or it is in dire need of replacement. One rule of thumb I keep using for myself is this, at a distance of 2-3 feet away from the monitor, I should be able to look at it and quickly adjust to the monitor and read whatever I have displayed on it (about and full arms length away).

LED monitors are something that has been gaining speed among all areas of gamers of today, and I can see why. LED monitors react faster when our monitors get turned on, they produce a much brighter, vibrant colors that gets displayed on our monitors. To finally LED monitors are also lighter then their CCFL counter parts. Today I am going to show one of many LED LCD monitors out in the market today, this monitor is none other then the ASUS ML248 LED LCD monitor. This monitor can also be used for you console gamers as well, so it is not just for us computer users.

To view these images properly please click on them to open in a new window.

This is a 24″ diagonal 1920 x 1080 resolution monitor.

Now before I jump right into the usage of this great little monitor I need to describe on what comes with this monitor. We get the main physical monitor (It is facing down currently), starting from our left working to our right, we get a monitor stand (this one is the upper portion), a power adapter brick (this monitor runs off using DC, this adapter converts the AC power we use to a DC power), right next to the power brick, we get a DVI to HDMI cable (for you console users you can use just a straight HDMI cable) an analog D-SUB cable, then finally we the lower mounting. All in all this is a pretty simple monitor.

The mounting of the monitor stand is pretty straight forward, there is no real need to give an in depth guide. The smaller ring gets placed to the back side of the monitor, and we use the tooless screw to secure it firmly. Then we take the lower monitor stand, and repeat the same thing we did to the upper stand. just make sure you align the stands up properly. There are pins and alignment holes to ensure a trouble free installation.

This is what the rear IO ports on the ASUS ML248 monitor comes with. from our left to right, we have the DC power input (this monitor only requires less then 30 watts of power) we have a D-SUB input, we get a HDMI input (this can be utilized on any item that has a HDMI or DVI ouput) and finally we get a 1/8″ audio head phone jack. The monitor does come with speakers, I do not know how loud they are as I just wanted to verify that there are speakers, and that they work.

One of the biggest things I like about this monitor is the looks of it. If you are one of those types that likes to have a clean computer station or a clean gaming center then this monitor is exactly what you are looking for. This monitor has some rather nice curves and it flows.

Since overkill is my middle name, it just did not seem right to only use just one of these monitors. I needed to use 3 (or at least that is my goal). Currently the two monitors that are center and far left are the ML248 LED LCD monitors, the far right monitor is the VW246 CCFL monitor from ASUS.

Now the ML248 monitor does not use buttons, it instead uses a touch buttons for us to use. This is not the first experience with touch type of buttons, my ACER 24″ monitors also used this type of interfacing. The ACER monitors I used were less then desirable, becasue they did not quite work all the time. The ASUS ML248 monitors reacted much better even in my low then normal temperatures of my “Dungeon” (average ambient room temps is 21C (72F), my Dungeon hovers in the 14-16C during the winter) when I touched the interfacing buttons the monitors reacted quickly and effortlessly.

I am showing what the menu option looks like. All the controls for the monitor are right where they need to be at and easy to adjust the monitor. I did not have one problem trying to get these monitors adjusted to my eyes.

After using these monitors for over a month or two now, I will say I am rather impressed with ASUS quality and attention to detail when it pertains to these monitors. The overall look and feel of these monitors is top notch. I have had no issues getting adjusted to the monitors, and my eyes do not strain when I look at them for hours and hours of usage. So I give the ML248 LED LCD Monitor a:

9 out of Ten and the

Gold Dragon Award


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