Xbox 360 Max Shooter

When it comes to the Xbox 360 or Console gaming in general with FPS (First Person Shooters), i will be the first to admit that I am controller illiterate. Basically I could not use the standard analog controllers if my life depended on it. I am either looking straight up, or I am looking at the ground. Not to mention I could barely figure out how to even turn my character. Being I played on the PC for such a long time I have become accustomed to the fast reaction times my keyboard and mouse gave me. So a lot of times I just sat off on the sidelines and watched my friends and family play on the Xbox 360.

When I heard that someone made a keyboard/mouse adapter for the Xbox 360 my roommate had to go and purchase one, so he can expand his player base include those like myself in with his Xbox 360 gaming sessions. Being I am already a serious gamer in my own right, I just had to give this new toy a quick test drive.

Welcome to the Xbox360 keyboard/mouse adapter, the Max Shooter. So lets see what this little unique adapter brings to the table with us keyboard/mouse users.

Starting off at the top portion of this adapter first, right off the bat we notice several switches with Turbo written above these switches. Well as the designation states so, these switches gives us players the ability of turbo’n all of the buttons that is on the Xbox 360 controller, in other words extreme rapid fire modes. This even works quite well with the standard controller as well, so it is not just inherit to us keyboard/mouse gamers.

turning our attention to the switches right above the Turbo switches, the Max Shooter allows us to set up to 1 extra profile. Since I use the default WASD keys on my keyboard I just ended up using the Default button layout of the Max Shooter. My roommate is a lefty (South Paw), he was able to set up the Max Shooter keyboard/mouse keys to the way he feels comfortable. Unfortunately this unit can only store up to one custom profile. The switch with the P right next to it, tells us gamers that if the Max Shooter is using a custom profile. The four lights up on the top, is what controller port the Max Shooter is using on the Xbox 360.

If we look to the far left and right of the Max Shooter we will notice that there appears to be little wheels off to the side.

These wheels are for our mouse sensitivity adjustments. the left wheel adjustments is for the X coordinates (left and right), while the right hand side wheel is for the Y coordinates (up and down). I will get a bit more in depth about this adapter little later on in this review.

Now finally we get to the IO ports of the Max Shooter Xbox 360 adapter. We get two USB ports, a Play Station controller port (for those who prefers the PS controller) and we get two PS2 mouse/keyboard plugs. A quick word, you will have to use a “Wired” Xbox 360 controller in order for us to use the keyboard/mouse, because this adapter emulates the controller so the mouse and keyboard can be used. Wireless controllers do not work, been there done that.

Now time for me to demonstrate how to hook this adapter up. As I mentioned earlier we need to use a “Wired Controller”. The controller will use one of the USB ports on the Max Shooter, it does not matter what one you pick.

Next up that needs to be hooked up is the keyboard, I am using a PS2 keyboard, you can use a USB keyboard and plug it into the only available USB port.

Then finally we need to hook up the mouse. Since I did not use the USB for the keyboard I could have hooked up the USB mouse to it, I wanted to show you that you can use PS2 keyboard/mouse adapters. but make sure that adapter is specifically made for either the keyboard or mouse. The adapter I am using is made specifically for the mouse. Strange I know but thats how the cookie crumbles.

Time to Game ON…………

Now this part is all about my time spent on this keyboard/mouse Xbox 360 adapter. Like always when it comes to using new items we gamers need to adjust to our new peripherals, and fine tune them to our needs. I started off using the adapter using one of my slim type keyboards I had floating around, and I hooked up my Razer Imperator 5600 DPI mouse to the Max Shooter. The keyboard worked flawlessly, but the mouse did not fair so well. I could not move or turn my character around with the mouse at all. My roommate located another one of my ancient mice (standard 1000 DPI three button mouse, shown in picture) then tried playing my game then. The Max Shooter does not allow hot swapping, I had to get out the game, then unhook the Max Shooter then plug in the new mouse into it and then plug it back into the Xbox 360. This was a serious annoyance to myself, because I was tring other mice (also Razer mice) and none of them would worked and I had to keep killing my game to reset the adapter. but after I got the “proper” mouse to use (thankfully my roomy had a standard mouse) I was ready willing and most able to bring on some serious carnage. As I played the Xbox 360 game I kept noticing some rather serious amounts of mouse lag, I grabbed the “destruction manual” (Instruction manual) and read up on how to adjust this lag. I forgot that is what the little X/Y wheels are for, DOH… I ended up also going into the game and adjust the sensitivity up in the game to max, so I can have a lot more fine tuning adjustments available to me.

After playing for a few hours with the Max Shooter, I actually enjoyed playing on the Xbox360. But there was that small problem with the mouse lag, again I was able to compensate for it with my game style, but it still was there. I tried multiple adjustments, and multiple ways I can possibly think of. We allowed a friend of ours to try out the Max Shooter as well, he had no issues with the use of this adapter he even set up a specific profile for him. I took it as it could be anything why I feel this “mouse lag”, and we all sat together and pondered why I felt this mouse lag. The only thing we can think of is I gotten so used to playing my games past the 80+ FPS (Frames Per Second) on my computer that I can physically tell (feel) the difference of frame rates, another area we thought about was I gotten so spoiled by my extreme high DPI mice could have caused this noticeable difference I was seeing, or it could have been that the Max Shooter could not properly emulate or convert the digital signals of the mouse to analog form. So I will not hold this against the Max Shooter. Again I reaffirm these are just theory’s, we all came up with. Your experience may or may not be different.

Time for me to wrap things up and give a rating. The Max Shooter is a good candidate for those who like myself are so used to the keyboard and mice to be able to play on the Xbox 360 with fair amount of ease. The profiling set up was pretty simple and understandable for just about anyone. But there was that small issue of the mice useability I had when it came to my Razer based mice, if it was not for my roommate having a standard three button mice I would never been able to play on the Xbox 360 Max Shooter. So I give the Max Shooter a rating of :

6 out of Ten and the

Silver Dragon Award


5 responses to “Xbox 360 Max Shooter

  1. Hi could you do me a favor and post the instruction manual? I lost mine and am having trouble with setting up the configuration of the keyboard :/ thanks!

  2. i recently got a max shooter for my xbox 360, its looks like slightly different while being white and having all of its buttons configured right on the keyboard, “turbo mode” is still undiscovered for me but this is not the point.i experience this “mouse lag” with multiple mouse ..deadzone helped me limit the problem but during short movements lags still exist:/

    • it is the nature of the Xbox, it is below the actual playble frame rate of 30FPS. Why we mouse users can feel this mouse lag while playing the xbox 360.

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