Hewlett Packard Wireless Elite Keyboard

After about 2 years of pure abuse I put my last keyboard through it was about time I went out purchased me a new one. I am rather picky when it comes to my interfacing devices I use on my computer. One of the items I am seriously picky about is the keyboard, I like to use slim line keyboards because I have rather small hands. I like to have a small foot print of the keyboard, who wants a keyboard that takes up half of their desktop. One last area I want from a keyboard is that it has to have some weight behind it. One of the things that is familiar with us PC type of gamers, in the heat of battle we find that our keyboards keep sliding farther and farther away from us forcing us to either move it back to where we had it, or have us constantly shift our hands as we play our games. And this spells certain doom for us gamers when we need to react fast to our situations. So the keyboard needs to stay put when we play our games.

So I made a quick visit to a local Wal-Mart to look for a keyboard that I needed right here and now. out of all the keyboards I seen that Wal-Mart had, the Hewlett Packard Wireless Elite Keyboard was the keyboard that stood out to me.

I bring forth the Hewlett Packard Wireless Elite Keyboard. Now this keyboard does come with a driver disk (which I did not need for my computer) also a user manual. As we can see this keyboard has a rather small foot print, another thing to mention is that this keyboard is wireless as well.

Looking at the USB wireless transmitter/receiver for the keyboard. There is a little blue LED inside of this unit but only lights up when you type on the keyboard.

Time for us to compare the HP Elite keyboard to a standard keyboard we all got accustomed to. This is looking at the two keyboards at their sides. As we can see the HP Elite keyboard is a lot thinner, also has a lot flatter profile to it vs the standard keyboard.

A quick look at the two keyboards together again, but this time from the front.

Now I felt it was needed for me to show exactly how far the keys throw on a standard keyboard. So looking at the ruler we can see we are going to start off at the 1/8″ mark (approximately).

Adding a little pressure to the ruler to fully depress the key on the standard keyboard, we can see it moves about 1/8″ (again approximately). Because of the nature of how the keys stack up on the standard keyboard makes it difficult to get a perfect measurement.

Time for me to see exactly how far the keys depress on the HP Elite keyboard. I will use the same testing method as I performed on the standard keyboard. We see we are starting off at the 1/16″ mark on the ruler.

By adding a little pressure to the key on the HP Elite keyboard we can see that it only moves about 1/16″. now that is a short throw on a keyboard. Another thing I should add that I found out about this keyboard, the amount of pressure required to push one of the keys fully down is about 50 grams of force, not very much. What this means is for those who type really loud on them old keyboards, now can quieten their typing so others can sleep in peace LOL……

As we can see this is an actual HP Elite wireless keyboard.

The connect button for the keyboard is located underneath the keyboard. Just press this button once, then hit the Windows Start up button, and see if the keyboard responds. It only took me three pushes to get this keyboard all synced up to my computer.

This keyboard uses 2 AAA batteries, which do come included, that powers this keyboard up. I have removed these batteries a couple of times after having this keyboard synced up to my computer, even after removing them completely then replacing them, I did not have to re-sync the keyboard.

Time for GAMING

A keyboard is a keyboard as long as it works that is all that matters to us gamers. Through the use of this keyboard I did notice that my fingers were not fatiguing as fast as they were on the standard keyboards. Another area that I noticed is that this keyboard does not slide around as much as the lighter keyboards I have used in the past. It did slide a bit here and there, but no where near like what my previous’ keyboards did, I got to physically pick the HP Elite and then move it to a new position. Since this keyboard uses short throw keys and does not require a lot of pressure to operate them, my typing has greatly improved and is loads quieter while I type on the HP Elite keyboard. the range on this keyboard is way out there I ended up stopping at 40 feet away from my computer, at that distance even my large x 3 24″ screens started to blur into one screen. this keyboard also has media interfacing buttons included, to operate the media buttons all we need to do is press on the FN button and then hit one of the corresponding F keys to fast forward/rewind through our songs, or play/pause/stop our movies/songs. these buttons work great with Windows Media player, VLC player and CyberLink DVD/Blue ray player.

There is only one bad point I see with this keyboard, this keyboard does not have a caps lock LED nor does it have a number lock LED. I can see why HP did away with these LED to conserve battery life, but sometimes I find myself hitting the caps button not knowing I turned it on and I ended up typing in caps. But HP could have made this keyboard use 3-4 batteries instead of the 2.

This keyboard is a perfect for anyone needing a keyboard that has some weight behind it, long range, as well as being a slim line keyboard. Having a price point of around 50 USD, makes this a bit expensive for anyone needing a simple keyboard, also the HP Elite Wireless keyboard is rather plain for having a 50 USD price point. I give the HP Elite Wireless keyboard a rating of:

6 out of Ten and the
Copper Dragon

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