Black & Decker Brew ‘N Go

Now you probably wondering what does a Brew ‘N Go have anything to do with gaming. Well it has everything to do with gaming especially if you are one them gamers that like to drink coffee, coco, or even tea for that matter. In this day and age we all need to keep our water/energy usage to a minimum, as they say every little bit helps, and a penny saved is a penny earned. This coffee maker fits anyone who just wants to make a single cup of water, or coffee with out having of setting up a traditional 12 cup coffee maker only to waste the water or waste the electricity for a single cup of coffee. It also helps us by not having to fire up the stove, or put our cups of water in the microwave so we can have a cup of hot coffee or tea, or coco (hot chocolate). Just our water in the maker use the strainer for our coffee, or pull the strainer out and use it to make your hot cup of water for whatever you need it for.

The Brew ‘N Go comes with the coffee maker, and a individual cup. The strainer comes on the inside of the coffee maker itself.

The on switch, this is a timed coffee maker, you do not need to turn it off once our coffee/water is made, just press down on the switch and come back in a minute or two when it is done turns it self off. Now I have done this a few times with this coffee maker I accidentally turned it on with no water inside of it, this coffee maker has a thermal sensor inside of it and if it gets to hot it automatically shuts itself off.

To gain access to the filter and the rear hopper, just lift up on the lid.

The hopper is located right to the rear of the coffee maker can’t really miss it, well unless you are really tired then there is a small chance of you making a mess, LOL…

There is a small basket that holds the actual filter. This is removable for us so we can clean it up easier.

Time for the filter, the Black& Decker uses a fine nylon mesh for our filtering needs. It is durable, as well as easy to clean.

I have used one of these coffee makers for over 2+ years now making about 3-4 cups of coffee or tea a day, and not once have I had an issue with its use. I do not use any water filtration system (like a Brita), nor do I use a water softener. My water is fairly hard, and has loads of minerals in it, mostly calcium. When we used a standard 12 cup coffee maker our water would render it useless within a month or two from the calcium build up. This coffee maker does not put the heating element underneath on the bottom, it is located upright and underneath the rear hopper (yes I tore my coffee maker apart). The most I ever had to do with this coffee maker was run some vinegar through it every few months and clean it out every few months. After 2 years this coffee maker is still taking a licking and keeps on ticking. My roommate decided to just go buy one of these himself and scrap the traditional coffee makers altogether.

I give the Black & Decker Brew ‘N Go coffee maker a very respected and well earned : 10 out of ten and the,

Golden Dragon Award


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