Commodore 64 Gets Priced, Comes in 5 Models

Comodore 64 USA is now taking Per-Orders for the entirely revamped Commodore 64. The new and improved commodore 64 platform now sports a Intel Atom 525 CPU, with a Nvidia Ion2 graphics processor, and comes standard with 2 Gigabytes of memory upgradeable to 4 gigabytes

As promised on Monday, Commodore USA has unleashed the eagerly-awaited Commodore 64 keyboard PC. For the uninitiated, this isn’t a re-release of the ancient AIO that initially depended on cassette tapes to load up software. This is a modernized version packed with Intel’s dual-core Atom 525 CPU, Nvidia Ion2 graphics, 2 GB of DDR3 memory (expandable to 4 GB), an optical drive, and more. It may not be ideal for running Crysis 2, but it sure beats the dinosaur 8-bit technology from the 1980s.

More information can be found HERE over at Tom’s Hardware.

Commodore 64 is also making a much slimmer Commodore 64 called the VIC Slim. Which can be found HERE.

Commodore 64 website HERE.


One response to “Commodore 64 Gets Priced, Comes in 5 Models

  1. Man why they gotta go backwards …… I seriously dont see wgy they would waste the time.
    Keep up the good works D the blog is “Warsome”

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