Extreme Wide Screen wallpapers

Welcome to the Extreme Wallpaper page of the DGC. Some of the wallpapers are of my own making, some are not. I will be adding more Wallpapers as time progess’, so please check back often for more wallpapers. I will try and add more of an variety of wallpapers for all of us types of people.

I do not take any credit for the original image, all I did was tweak the image to accommodate my extended desktop. I will try and add more images as time progresses, if you have a few images yourself please feel free to email them to me at DragonsGamingCentral@gmail.com, and I will post them here, and give you the credit for sharing your background with others.

I am going to make some major changes to this art of the website/blog, so it will be easier to navigate thank you.

I was notified by nice gentlemen who also has Extreme Wide Screen wallpapers for us Extreme Wide Screen users. Please drop by his blog HERE.

Game Wallpapers

Anime Wallpaper

Nature Wallpaper

Space Wallpaper

People Wallpaper


Misc Wallpaper

Car Wallpapers

Fantasy Wallpapers


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