Legit Reviews and Contests

That is right people, Legit Reviews has a couple of contests going on right this second. Both of these contests are being performed on Facebook. I am not going to give you the details on what Legit Reviews has up for grabs, but I will say that these contest are one of the easiest to do. One of the contests that Legit Reviews is performing is simply trying to reach 3000 (That’s right people three thousand) likes/favorites. Just go to their Facebook page HERE, and give Legit reviews some loving and hit that like button and make a simple comment.

The next contest that Legit Reviews is performing is going to be a giveaway every Monday, but you have to both like and leave a comment on Fri-Sun to be entered. Legit Reviews calling this one Facebook Friday. Details of that contest can be located HERE.

I am an avid supporter of any major reviewing website, especially if that website goes out of their way to give away free stuff. As they say, show some love and give that like button over at Legit Reviews Facebook page a good clicking. Who knows you may win something for your troubles. Good Luck and most importantly have fun.


Owner/Operator DGC.


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