Deus EX Human Revolution

The original Dues EX game back in 2000 raised the level on how we gamers interacted with our games (this was way before Mass Effect came out). Unlike most games back when Deus EX first came out, these games only had one outcome and no matter what we gamers did the outcome/ending was always the same. Deus EX allowed us gamers to choose the outcome/ending of this game, which gave us gamers somewhat more freedom when playing the game on what we wanted. Then A few years later Deus EX Invisible War came out, which again the story line fallowed or mirrored what made the original game Deus EX so popular, that being the game allowed us gamers to choose on how we wanted it to end. Now here it is in 2011, we have the next installment of the Deus EX series, Deus EX Human Revolution. Deus EX Human Revolution does not happen after Deus EX, Deus EX Invisible War, instead this game is placed some 25 years in the past before the game Dues EX. So if any of you gamers are familiar with the Deus EX Series should have a good understanding on the game play. Deus EX Human Revolution gives us gamers more of a back story of the Deus EX series, and how things came about.

All of these images are in the full resolution of 5760 x 1080, and they are not in any particular order either.

Story Line

The story line of Deus EX HR, has a interesting twist to it. The main plot (or actual reasoning) is actually buried under sub plots, and sub sub plots. We are never really told what the full purpose of Deus EX HR until the end of the game, like the previous Deus EX games we have to make 1 of 3 choices, (in HR we are giving a 4th choice) in order for us to complete the game.

We all start off as a normal everyday person, Adam Jensen. Who happens to be an ex-cop (Swat) who found himself working as Chief Of Security for one of the major corporations that happens to make, and sell human augments, Sarif Industries. As an normal everyday normal person working for a large corporation that sells and manufacturers augments, Adam Jensen’s view point about augments is neither good or bad in the beginning portion of the game. But that view point quickly changes as we find Adam Jensen facing a life and death situation, the only way to keep Adam alive was by using augmentations. Which of coarse, Adam did not have a choice in this matter. And the mission of Adam Jensen was to find out who attack Sarif Industries, and bring these culprits to justice. And this is pretty much how the main story gets told during our game play, but in reality the main plot is far more deeper then just finding out who did what. And, the only way of gaining insight into the main plot, is to talk to other NPC’s, read E-Books, and to do all of the missions in this game (Main missions as well as the side quests). But, even then the main reasoning of this game is somewhat blurred, until the absolute end of HR. If you want to know how the game ends, you will just have to purchase and play the game, because my lips are sealed.

General GamePlay

The story line was fairly easy to understand, and easy to know what needs to be done on each mission. Eidos, gives several ways to keep track of our missions by giving a point on a hud or access to a map, also access to the main objectives screen. The main story line missions are in gold, while the side quests (or side missions) are in a green color. The only way to get a good feel for Deus EX HR, is to do all missions and talk to everyone. The side missions do more then give you a bit more insight on the story of HR, you are giving opportunities on getting much needed Praxis Points. The one area that makes Deus EX HR difficult is the choice of augmentations, granted we are giving a few of them already opened up and jeu requires upgrades, there are some augmentations that require to be activated. And, if you choose to upgrade/activate one type of augmentation it may make your gameplay easier or harder. Even if lets say you upgraded/activated a wrong augmentation for that specific mission you are still giving choices on how to complete that mission. Also remember in HR you have to think outside of the box, and the direct approach is not always the best choice. There are no puzzles to figure out, or funky maneuvers you have to do, you just have to think out side of the box.


For a game based around giving the player choices, Deus EX HR play style is based more around stealth then running and gunning. Because, in some situations, I found my self in more trouble then I knew what to handle. Basically my ass over loaded my capacity of handling the situation; which, caused me several times to restart that level or go back to prior save points. You are not giving enough ammo to actually go right in there and start blasting away, but you are giving chances on carrying multiple weapons, determined by if you can carry them as well as the ammo with you.  Also you can pick up the enimies weapons to continue your rampage if needed, but as I stated earlier Deus EX HR is based around stealth. You will find yourself in a lot of trouble if you go waltzing right in there and start blasting away. The Ai was pretty competitive, and reacted fairly quickly to any giving moment. But, again at the same time the Ai was predicable on their movements. If you timed everything right you can go unnoticed quite easily. If you happen to do the wrong thing, you will be in the middle of a massive firefight. Boss fights in Deus EX HR was not by no means easy, in fact I found the Level Boss fights in the game harder to kill then the final boss. During these boss fights you will be using everything in your arsenal to kill your opponent, and there is no thinking outside of the box, it is all about guns, more guns, lots of ammo, plus running.

Graphics and Performance

Graphically speaking Deus EX HR is fairly clean looking, I just feel that since this game uses DX 11 it could be a bit better (This is a personal preference, so your thoughts may vary from my own). I am pleased to say that this game fully supports muti-monitor configurations, Nvidia’s 3D Vision Surround, and AMD’s Eyefinity. So there is no need for us having to find hacks or cracks to get this game to span across all of our monitors. The only problem I noticed is that the cut scenes are set at a fixed ratio (which is typical of all games)

The performance side of things is a bit different story. There were times while I played Deus EX HR, the game played smooth as silk, no issues what so ever. But there were times when this game would start stumbling all over itself, even though the frame rates were in the 40’s, my frame rates were fluctuating anywhere between 40 to 120 FPS, and these slow downs were not happening during heavy graphical usage but in rather odd times during my game play. Which made this game feel like a port, and not an actual PC game. And I freaking hate ported games, as the only person who wins is the manufacturer, leaving us gamers with games that skip and stutter constantly. As porting games is just pure unadulterated laziness of the game manufacturer. I do not consider my machine exactly small, as it totes a Intel Core i7 970 running at 4.2 GHz, with 2 x 6970’s in crossfire running at 950/1450 MHz, but when I looked at MSI Afterburner to see the GPU usage, Deus EX HR was only using 60-80% of my video cards, WTF? Normally a game should max out both of my GPU’s, or at least one of them (the primary GPU). But, not with Deus EX HR it would only use about 60-80% of both video cards. SO having this performance issue definitely does not help the scoring of this gamer title.

The Wrap Up

Deus EX Human Revolution does have a solid story line, and decent gameplay. This game also is fairly long, meaning that I could not complete it withing a few hours that it took me roughly 20-30 hours to fully complete it as I was talking and doing all missions possible. Another area I feel that Deus EX Human Revolution has that few games do, is re-playability, we can choose how to act during one gaming session, then on another gaming session choose a completely different way to act. The three area I feel that Eidos could have done better on were, Graphics, Combat, and the Performance of this game title. I feel the graphics could have been a lot better and more clean looking then what is currently being used on this game title, as I have seen what Direct X 11 is fully capable of. Combat could be improved upon by allowing us the gamer flexibility in if we so choose to go all out guns blazing, we are forced to play the “sneaky pete”. Granted at times I did like this type of game play, but there were times that the “sneaky pete” approach was not the best, that a all guns blazing would be the best choice on those types of missions. Performance wise, most definitely Deus EX Human Revolution can be improved upon, No need to go into great detail as I said enough in the Graphics and Performance section of this review.

I am going to tweak the rating system a bit, I will still have the final rating, but I am going to add a score based on each sub category I have listed on this review. These scores may, or may not coincide with the final rating, I will do what I feel is fair and impartial to keep things as close as possible.

StoryLine : 9.5

General Gameplay : 9

Combat : 8

Graphics : 7.5

Performance 7

I give Deus EX Human Revolution a 7 out of 10 and the:

Silver Dragon Award

Some extra images of Deus EX Human Revolution


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