Adding Quick Launch in Windows 8

When it comes to Microsoft  Windows one of the most important capabilities that a lot of us gotten used to was the Quick Launch. But with Windows 7 Microsoft did not give us the Quick Launch, forcing us user to go and find where it hides itself so we can use it. Here with Windows 8 Microsoft again excluded the use of the Quick Launch, once again forcing us users to locate it and put it on our desktops. So I am here to show you how to regain the all important Quick Launch on our Taskbar. This can be performed on both Windows 7 and Windows 8, the commands and places where the ever elusive Quick Launch hides is identical. Lets get on with this guide, shall we.

In case you get confused, just locate the cursor and fallow it. I made sure that it was shown through out this guide to make it easier for you to fallow ;). This will not mess up your machine, or cause it to crash.

It will help if you have the Icons on your desktop, or access to your C:\ Drive. For knowing how to get your Computer Icon on the desktop refer to my intro to Windows 8 HERE.Double click the COmputer icon and open it up on our desktop.

Like so, now double click on the C:\ Drive. All of these steps are necessary.

This is what you should have, if not then get here.

In Windows 8 we have a few more options available to us unlike previous versions of Windows. Now locate the View Tab, and to the far right you will see Hidden Items, check that. Now in WIndows 7 to un hide the files you will need to locate the Organize drop down menu, then goto folder and search options, Click on View, then find Hidden files and folders and expand it (if it is not), then click on Show hidden files, folders, or drives. Then Click Apply, and Ok.

Like this, look for the cursor if you are confused. After you are done, close the window.

Now move your cursor to the Taskbar and right click it, (any where on the task bar as long as it is not on start up to the far right of the Taskbar.) Then uncheck Lock the Taskbar (again fallow the cursor)

This is what you should have.

While that option window is still open, go ahead and move up to the Toolbars.

Then over to New Toolbar, and click it.

By doing this will bring up this window, Windows is asking for what you want to use a tool bar/Quick Launch. These next steps are going to be fast a furious, so please keep up ;). If you ar enot on the C:\ drive make sure you get there, we cannot go anywhere until you do.

Locate the Users folder and double click it.

This is what you should have (except your user name will be different)

Now double click on your user name for Windows 8 (Log On name in case you have multiple users.).

You should see AppData Folder if so double click it, or open it (same thing). If not then start from the beginning and start over.

Locate the Roaming Folder and double click it, or open it.

Locate the Microsoft folder and double click it, or open it.

Locate the Internet  Explorer Folder and double click it, or open it.

Now you should see the Quick Launch folder, if so just click on it and make sure it is highlighted.

After the Quick Launch folder is highlighted then locate the Select button and click on it (follow the cursor).

You will see a new Quick Launch appear on your Taskbar.

After seeing it, right click on the “Quick Launch” and uncheck Show Text.

Then right click on the Quick Launch once again and uncheck the Show Title.

Now you have just place the Quick Launch on your Taskbar. The only difference is that the Quick Launch is on the right and not on the left. To lock the Taskbar in place, just right click on and empty pot of the Taskbar and check Lock the Taskbar.

This concludes this quick Guide on how to get your Quick Launch on your Taskbar in Windows 7 and Windows 8 as these steps are identical on both of these OS’. Thank you and have fun with your new OS.


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