The Start Up Programs in Windows 8

With the introduction of Windows 8 Developer out, my take on this OS can be found HERE, left a lot of us users with a rather sour taste in our mouths. Not because of the OS itself, but because Microsoft left out a lot of features we gotten so used to out of Windows 8. One of these features is the Start Menu button, where we access all of our installed programs in Windows. I am happy to report that Microsoft did not do completely away with it, it just requires we users to think out side of the box to gain access to it.

Now there are several different ways we users can regain the Start Menu button, one is by way of a Registry hack, and another by a Ap that someone has made for us. By doing these “Tweaks” completely eliminates the Metro Start Up screen on Windows 8. This guide allows us to have our cake and eat it too. I will show you how to gain access to the Start Up Menu Program lists while keeping the Look and feel of Windows 8 intact. I implore you to read the Quick Launch Guide I did HERE, as you will need to unhide all of your hidden files and folders, also it will give you insight on how to do this “Tweak” easier. I should mention we will be placing this “Folder” as a Quick Launch So please read the Adding Quick Launch Guide.

On with the Show.

We at the DGC is not Responsible for your actions regarding your actions with the OS, If you crash, bash, or smash it you are on your own. Likely chance of this happening while performing this “Tweak” is nil to nothing.

Now after you have unhidden all of your files in Windows 8 (again Guide for that can be found HERE) and you are looking at your desktop, we need to unlock the task bar.

Goto an empty spot on the Taskbar and right click it, then to Lock The Taskbar and uncheck it.

If you have not already added My Computer, Network, Control Panel, User Folder. Please do so now (that can be found HERE). Now double click My Computer, and open it.

In the search window (it be the far right window, where the mouse is located at in the image), type in Start then hit enter.

This part gets a little confusing, you will need to locate the proper folder we need to use. You are looking for the folder with the address of C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. (It is greyed out in the above image)

Now right click that search and open it up in a new window, fallow my mouse.

Now after you see that window open up on your desktop, Right click off to the left of the address bar (which has this displayed in it C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs)

Then to copy that entire address.

Return to the Taskbar, and right click it and then navigate to Toolbars.

Then navigate to New ToolBar.

You may have something else in this window, but it does not matter. Now right click (or highlight) the entire address that is displayed here.

And delete it, now right click in the address bar and paste the address C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs into there.

This is what you should have right now. Now Hit enter after you copied the address of C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs.

Now just click Select Folder button.

That window disappears, but now we have a new Quick Launch of Programs on the right hand side of the Taskbar.

Now right click on the name “Programs”, then uncheck Show Text.

And we are all done, well almost. We have just gained the Start Menu Programs in Windows 8 with out eliminating the Metro Start up Screen. These next few images are me showing that it is indeed the “Actual” Start Up Menu” we have on previous OS’ from Microsoft.

Extra Images

Just before I close out this guide, we better relock the Taskbar. Right click on an empty spot on the Taskbar and then check the Lock The Taskbar option, wala we are all finished up.


One response to “The Start Up Programs in Windows 8

  1. I started with DOS… I know a lot of you have forgot what that was and some don’t have a idea what it was. In DOS you told the computer what to do, You did click something like this: C:\wordStar and it went to wordstar. now you point and click and there it is…. then there was Windows 3.0 and windows 6.0 and then windows ME (now this one I really liked) but it gave way to windows 95, Vista and then Windows 7 real good, but now we have Windows 8…. and it’s really something to use and this site makes it even better and also easier to understand. Thanks for all the help.

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