Call Of Duty MW3 (Modern Warfare 3)

When I think of this particular game, I do not even know where to start. Personally this game fallows in line with, “You played one, you played them all” category. The only real need for playing this game is to get a sense of closure from the other 2 Modern Warfare games story line. But, even then it is seriously doubtful if this game is even worth the 60 USD price tag. I wont be including any screen shots of this game, I will list the reasons why below.


I am only going to do a quick introduction of the storyline, no real point into getting involved with the story line as the single player campaign was really short.

The only thing that I did like from the Modern Warfare series of games is the storyline itself. MW3 starts off where MW2 left off, with the Russian and United States battling each other. The Russian’s fighting the United States for retribution for the Slaughter of countless innocents at the airport, leaving the U.S. defending itself from the Russian invasion. Which we all know from MW2 who the two individuals who actually caused this War. In MW3 the United States successfully repelled the Russian invasion on American soil. Then we are reunited with the original heroes of MW1/MW2 who are now on the most wanted list from several different countries, trying to uncover or capture the true person who started this War between Russia and the United States.

Game Play

What can I say, there is really nothing different in game play, that we already did with other COD series of games. You shoot baddies, they die you move on to the next one. Pretty much simple as that.I should mention that it only took me roughly 5.5 Hours to complete this game on normal setting.

Online Play

Since the single player campaign mode for this game was pretty much the exact same as other COD types of games, I pretty much had a feeling the online play was gonna be exactly the same as previous COD series of games. All about perks, and no real skilled players. This type of online gaming is for sissy’s who cannot play online games because they lack SKILL, or they do not really want to put any true effort into online gaming.

My hunches about the online gaming was pretty much dead nuts on, as I talked to a few people who played this game online telling me it is exactly the same as COD Black Ops. Oh gee whiz, that sounds like fun……(insert sarcasm)

Graphics and Performance

The graphics of this game were nothing new that we already seen with previous COD series of games. COD MW3 offered nothing new to us PC players, you console users do not have the capability of spanned gaming, Direct x11, so you would not see anything new. Like previous COD series of games MW3 did not span across my Eyefinity set up of 3 monitors (for a introduction of Multi monitor gaming see this link HERE). This also added a bit more of the sour taste I had with this game title.

Performance wise this game did run extremely smooth, but then again it would run smooth with out dated engine types, and not adding any new features graphically wise.

Ending Thoughts

The only thing I liked about this game was the storyline. What kills this game is everything else, graphics, short single player mode, repetition of AI, also that “You played one You played them all” feeling I had with COD MW3.  I cannot see why people even remotely like this game, the only thing I can see is that it is easy made for a 3yr old to be able to come in pick up a weapon and start shooting. This game offers nothing new online/single player that even remotely that will challenge a SKILL SEASONED Player.

I give MW3 an overall rating of

1 out of 10 and no award

Well it is better then a 0, as I gave Brink.


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