Mass Effect 3

I been playing the entire Mass Effect series of games since they debuted years ago back in 2007. Like many players I fell in love with the game style and the near perfect story line of these games. So it was only natural that I went out and picked up a copy of the latest installment of this game series Mass Effect 3. In all honesty, I preorder this game a couple of weeks prior to its release date, as you can tell I am a big fan of this game series.

The fallowing Images on this page will be in no particular order. These images are from the first couple of level of Mass Effect 3.


We return to the role of Shepard in Mass Effect 3. But this time, instead of trying to prove that there is going to be an all out invasion of Reapers to exterminate all advanced civilizations, the Reapers have attacked not only Earth, but other worlds in the Mass Effect Universe.

Like previous Mass effect games, Mass effect 3’s story line is absolutely beautiful played out. They were surprises to our choices we made, and tough choices we had to make in order to achieve our objective. One the most disappointing parts of this game was some of the lack of dialog we had to choose from. I been using the same character from the first Mass Effect to the second Mass Effect to the final installment of Mass Effect, and I did not have all of the chat dialog opened up. There were other options to the chat dialog, but a majority of the time it was greyed out. This is not a major thing, but if there are other options available they should be fully accessible, and not just greyed out.

While the main story line had its own surprises, the other alternative story lines (back story) ended up being repetitive which did not truly add anything new to the Mass Effect story line that we hadn’t already learned from the previous two Mass Effect games. And I ended up doing some of these side story lines out of habit, not out of curiosity.


Game play of Mass Effect in its own right felt repetitive, nothing was truly brought to Mass effect 3 that really stood out. It had the same feel and same actions of the previous Mass effect games. I played Mass Effect 3 on a normal setting and I pretty much flew right through this game title in about 27 hours, I spent a good portion exploring the planets, and doing a few side story line quests (I also occasionally went AFK while leaving the game still playing on the computer). It seems that Bio Ware made everything so simple a child can burn through this game with incredible ease.

As for the combat sequencing, there was nothing truly new that we already gotten used to in the previous Mass Effect games. The bad guys (Reaper forces) were a bit more fiercer, and did present a challenge now and then. But, all in all it was a bit too easy, and predictable in my honest opinion.

Online Play

I haven’t tried online play yet on this game title, but I am pretty sure it fallow the same suit as the single player game style of play.

Graphics and Performance


I will have to say that this is where Mass Effect 3 fully excels in. Not only did this game look great, it fully supported my extended resolution of 5760 x 1080 (AMD’s Eyefinity, Nvidia’s 3D Vision Surround (Nvidia truly needs to change the name of their multi-monitor gaming set up)) right out of the box. As you can tell from the Screen Shots on this review.

Bio Ware went all out on the overall presentation of Mass Effect 3, I did not notice any real glitches or major issues while playing Mass effect 3. Granted, I did not spend the entire time looking for any anomalies, or glitches I just played the game. other then the occasional getting stuck at a wall, or corner that is typically associated with new games, my game play was extremely smooth.

Ending Thoughts

Other then needing a sense of closure with Mass Effect 3, there was nothing really earth shattering, or attention grabbing with this particular game title. While most people gonna rag on about the ending of this game title, I am not going to go there in this review. But, instead base my results on other aspects of this game title that I listed above.

There is more to gaming then great graphics smooth performance, and excellent story line. There are other aspects of gaming that actually determine game play; fore instance, combat sequences, back story, dialog, etc. etc. that a lot of people don’t really take into consideration. These other areas is where Mass Effect 3 completely falls in on its own face, as it doesn’t have anything truly new that we as gamers don’t already know, or haven’t already done on previous games of this series. Which is to me kind of sad, and pathetic.

I am going to implement a new style of grading each game/item I review here at the DGC. That is breaking down each review down into 4/5 basic sub categories and give you a score based on each one of them; then, base the final score on average on basic category. There is room for error on this, so please allow for this.

Storyline : 9 out of Ten

Gameplay : 5 out of Ten

Combat: 4 out of Ten

Graphics : 8 out of Ten

Performance : 8 out of Ten

Overall scoring of  6.5 out of Ten and the:

Copper Dragon Award


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