HDD/SSD Cleaning

Like everything that has a sliding type of connector will eventually get dirty. Well actually anything that deals with a non sealed connections eventually get dirty over the use of these items. But, when it pertains to our computers almost everything in our computer uses some form of sliding type of connection.

Just like everything in our computer our HDD/SSDs connectors do get dirty over time, and sometimes may cause some minor inconveniences to us. For instance, lost HDD/SSD: where the thgese drives just comes up missing from our computer even though it is still plugged in: Bad transfer rates, where we start to lose the speed of which our storage devices transfers files to and fro: To BSOD, where we get the dreaded BLUE SCREEN Of DEATH. Each of these can happen plus more just because of a bad connection.

You can also apply this cleaning technique  also on our console counterparts drives. For the purpose of this guide I will be using one of my Seagate Momentus HDD.

Now this is a guide on how to clean the connector on your SSD/HDD ,  it may or may not fix your issue. This is just one step in multiple ways on troubleshooting our computers. I do not recommend doing this if you have no clue on what you are doing with your computer. If you wish to learn more about what you can do with your computer, I recommend you find a friend that knows what she/he is doing and have him/her help you.

As always Myself (Dragon) and the DGC do not take any responsibilities for your actions when it comes to this type of guide. It may or may not VOID the warranty on your HDD/SSD. So if you are willing to continue please read this guide thoroughly prior to doing these steps.

The things we will need to clean the connectors on the HDD/SSD , A soft bristled tooth brush, a soft rag (I am using an old sheet, located under the HDD), a pink refillable Jet Eraser, rubbing alcohol (highest percentage you can get). And we will need the HDD/SSD that needs to be cleaned, you can use this technique on any HDD/SSD 2.5-3.5″ I am using one of my Seagate’s Momentus HDDs. Oh and the dragon is optional ;).

A quick look at the SATA power and SATA connectors on the HDD

Showing that the eraser I am using is clean. To clean a eraser is pretty simple task, just run it up and down your pant leg, or on a clean piece of paper run the eraser over it.

With the eraser, gently and carefully run the eraser over the drives power and SATA connectors. Do not use to much pressure, as you can damage the drive itself.


As we can see the HDD SATA connectors were pretty dirty.

Now it is time for us to use the soft bristled tooth brush. Gently sweep any debris off of the connectors.

After we have finished cleaning with the soft bristled tooth brush, grab your soft rag and put some rubbing alcohol.

Then gently clean the connectors off.

As we can see the rubbing alcohol has pulled off the residual dirt off of the drive itself.

After completing these steps re-hook up the HDD/SSD to your computer and we are all done. This part of cleaning is not all that difficult to do, if the proper procedures are met prior and during the cleaning your drive will be undamaged. The key thing here to remember is to TAKE YOUR TIME, and DO NOT USE to much force.

Thank you.


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