Mobi’s Contest Challenges Fans to Behave, Well…

Culver City, CA – Leading maker of family-oriented electronics, Mobi Technologies, has chosen to launch its new Pure Sounds Digital Audio Monitor with an unusual Facebook contest: “In What Other Ways Could You Use Mobi’s new Pure Sounds Monitor?”

Entrants are challenged to ‘Hear out of the Box’ with such examples as hiding the transmitter in your teenagers’ room during the next party and using your discoveries to publicly humiliate them. Another example is to listen in on your husband’s next poker night with the boys. Since the Pure Sounds monitor has an operating range of 600 ft and operates in a secure 2.4GHz system, Mobi is curious to see what kind of mischief can be caused.

more information can be found https://www.facebook.com/MobiTechnologies


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