This page is all about how we rate the items in this Blog. So to give you readers an idea on how, and why we at the DGC rate the things we do for this Blog. All items we review here at the DGC, will be reviewed/scored on an individual basis, unless otherwise designated by that specific review/article. The purpose of this simple rule is give each item we review a fair chance. So if one of our reviews do not match up to another similar review Please email me at for any concerns you may have.

Like many other web sites out there I use a number scale from 1-10, 1 being the worst through 10 being the best. I will list the rating first then below this post I will give out what each award looks like.

1-2 : The DGC do not give out an award, any hardware or software receives this rating it is considered to us as the worst of the worst. It either does not meet requirements, does not fully support hardware configurations, or it is a complete gaggle to even use it (Software or Hardware).

3-4 : This is the Smoldering Dragon Award, this Award is given to items (Hardware or Software) If the item we at the DGC review has more bad points (failures) then it has good points.

5-6 : This is the Copper Dragon Award, this is the average award. The Item is not staggering or a complete failure. It supports what it has on the box, or it meets the requirements but does not exceed them. This is where all Items are placed prior to the DGC reviewing them. So each item we review gets a fair chance right from the start.

7-8 : The Silver Dragon Award, this is for those items that we review that exceed there expectations or requirements. Normally these items exceed on 1 or 2 area(s) but it does not exceed them all.

9-10 : Finally we get to the creme’ le creme’ of all Awards that we at the DGC hand out on this Blog. That is the Golden Dragon, this award is handed out to those items that we review that exceed in more then 2-3 area’s, and only has one maybe two failures. If it has a lot of excellent points and only a couple little bad points we are more then likely to overlook these, but it does not mean we will not mention them.

Now time for what the awards look like

The Smoldering Dragon

The Copper Dragon

The Silver Dragon

The Golden Dragon


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